DRYL Notes

From "Juice", the DRYL Webmaster:

Good Morning Everyone ... I just wanted to let you know that I have added a couple new links to our DRYL website (www.dryl.org)

1 - The first one is a Crossing Over link that will have photos of DRYL Member Clubs Commodores and Past Commodores who has passed away. I have added RYC P/C Tom Cranford to the link. If you have a Commodore / Past Commodore from your club that has recently passed away that you would like added to the site please send over a picture ( in uniform if you have one ) and the date of their passing. E-mail me at pjusino@comcast.net.

2 - The second link I have added is called Our Hero's - Sons & Daughters That Are Serving In the Military Overseas - if a member in your club has a son or daughter who is serving in the military overseas please send me a picture, a mailing address, and a list of some of their favorite snacks, magazines, books, writers so if someone would like to send a little thank you package they will have a way to do so. PLEASE pass this info on to your members - especially those that have kids serving our country.

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